Trumpfentopper Self-generating Toupée Machine

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Are you vain? Bald on top, but anxious to look younger than the old man you really are? Perhaps for an important event like a family wedding, company conference, or presidential election campaign? Well, this is the tool for you: the "Trumpfentopper" Self-generating Toupée Machine! All you need to do is grow your remaining hair long down the sides, place the apparatus over your head and turn the handle to watch the machine do it's magic - carefully and automatically brushing your lengthened side hair into an immaculate cover for your bald pate, taking years off your appearance. Follow up with a dollop of glue distributed by the built-in applicator, perhaps with a suitable tint (preferably orange) and you're ready to proceed with any task requiring the look of a younger man! And because it's naturally attached, this 'topper' will not disappear in a wind (or even if you fall into a swimming-pool!) - and all you have to do after your event is over is to remove all the knots.... (sorry, the machine doesn't work in reverse).

Approximately 300 holes were drilled to construct this piece - but no hair-pieces were harmed in the process......

Materials: brass, copper, aluminium-magnesium alloy, beechwood & tampico brushes, shell cases, blow-torch parts etc
Dimensions: 15" wide x 14.25" deep x 18" high (38cm x 36cm x 46cm)
Weight: 8lb (4kg)

Watch the video below to see a demonstration and explanation of what this miraculous machine can do:

This piece was shown for the first time in the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen 'Crafts Alive' exhibition at Rodmarton Manor in September 2023. It will be seen again at the Gallery of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen in Montpellier, Cheltenham from July 2024.

It has also been featured in the Newbury Weekly News 'N2' Arts & Entertainment section. Read the article here.

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