What is Orlogik?

Well, it is an unusual name (but we hope that'll help you remember it!).

Here's the lowdown:

Orlog-ik is derived from the ancient Norse word 'Orlog', which means 'Primal Law' or 'original principle'.

This is demonstrated at Orlogik Studio by the desire to start any new project by examining the most basic requirements before proceeding with any development, to ensure that the fundamental reasons for the creation of anything have a sound basis in need, rather than being created for their own sake or simple gratification.

The logic (log-ik) extension is an indication that in any project, straightforward principles will be applied in a reasoning manner in order to achieve the most effective and suitable solution to any requirement. It is also an indication of a long career in computer programming, where 'logic' rules the world (or the program doesn't work!), and the logical 'OR' in particular is a fundamental principle of Boolean algebra (hence Or-logik).

Orlogik logo


The nine lines in the Orlogik Studio logo are derived from the symbol used in Norse mythology to illustrate the 'Web of Orlog'. These lines purport to exist in many dimensions, and link the past, present and future.