Superhero's blowtorch

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We've all seen the amazing exploits of the superheroes, in the comics and in the movies: rescuing people, fighting evil, saving the planet, etc, etc - but what's it like for these folks at home? We've seen the Batcave and Wayne Manor, but what about the less wealthy superheroes? How do they cope with a leaky radiator or a broken bicycle frame?
Well, this piece offers one answer to some of these little annoyances: it takes a superhero to lift it, but once fired up, it could probably fix all the radiators in the house at once, and mend every broken bike-frame in the entire street all at the same time!

I've admired the classic "Monitor" blowlamp forever, but always thought it could do with a bit of embellishment..... ;-)

This piece comes with a custom-built crate, complete with copper detailing.

Materials: brass, copper, shell cases, "Monitor" No.26 parafin blowlamp
Dimensions: 16" x 14" x 7" (40cm x 36cm x 18cm)
Weight: 18lb (8kg)

This piece has been SOLD to a private collector in Spain - who has documented it on his Spanish collectors website (ADECLAS) here and here.

This piece was displayed at the "appART" Sculpture Exhibition.

It also featured in the article entitled "The Science & Art of Domestic Bliss" by Nigel Williams in the Surrey Sculpture Society magazine "Limited Edition", which you can read here (2.8Mb PDF).

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