The Big H, by Nigel Williams

The development of branding, and the brand-mark in particular, goes right back to the early days of ranchers and farmers wanting to identify their livestock when they roamed far and wide across unfenced territory. It has evolved into a complex and sophisticated industry which is a crucial part of modern product marketing efforts. Markings on vehicles in particular have become an integral part of their conceptual design - nowadays, the development of the appearance of an automobile can seem to have even started with the identity marks, rather than having them pasted on as an afterthought.

After 40 years of photographing badges and brandmarks on vehicles and machinery, Nigel Williams has amassed a considerable collection of images of these fascinating icons, which, together with his background in the automotive design and commercial communications industries, provides him with the perfect basis for this personal visual exploration of the development of this unusual but significant aspect of modern life over the past hundred years or so. In Nigel's usual helpful style, the book's illustrations are accompanied by interesting snippets of the facts and history behind these artefacts. The illustrative style varies from documentary-perfect showroom images, to rusty relics found in scrapyards and museum store-rooms, with captions written in the quirky and entertaining style for which Nigel has become known.

Currently in development

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